40 Pep Rally Activities and Games for Kids of All Ages

Rally your students with some school spirit!

Examples of pep rally activities, including a bear mascot in a gym full of elementary students and high school students dressed up for a lip sync contest.
We Are Teachers; @McCulloughGirlsCC/Twitter; Charleston Day School

While the beginning of the school year can be a stressful time for both students and teachers, pep rallies can help alleviate some of that stress. Pep rallies are a fun way to get everyone involved while creating a sense of community within your school. Use a variety of inclusive games and activities in your upcoming pep rally to ensure students of all abilities and ages can participate. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of 40 of our favorite pep rally ideas for your next school spirit event!

Minute-To-Win-It Games

These timed challenges are just so fun and a great way to include every student in a fun and engaging way.

1. Balloon Pop

Pep rally activities can include balloons like this one which shows a boy on the floor of a gym trying to pop an orange balloon.
Path Finder/Spring Pep Rally via pwestpathfinder.com

This creative idea involves students popping balloons so they can get to the letters inside. Once the balloons are popped, the goal is to spell an acronym related to your school. The first student to spell the word wins!

Learn more: Spring Pep Rally at PWest Pathfinder

2. Head, Shoulders, Knees, Cup

Perform the command called out by touching the appropriate body part, but be ready to grab the cup before your opponent when “Cup!” is yelled.

3. Toilet Paper Mummy


This game works especially well around Halloween, but it can be played anytime. Students work as a team to mummify a classmate with TP. You can include the audience during this activity by having them vote on the best mummy.

4. Skin the Snake

Have students form single lines while reaching their right hand through their legs for the person behind them to grab. Then, the front student walks backward, and the other students follow, creating a snake effect. The students then go the other way, and the team with all members standing the fastest wins.

5. Blindfolded Stack the Cups

Children playing with blindfolds on
The Network/Minute-To-Win-It Games via marianddigitalnetwork.com

Simply stack cups in a pyramid, and then unstack them into a tower. The fastest team wins. For an extra team-building challenge, blindfold one student on each team while playing.

Source: Minute-To-Win-It Games Spark Spirit, Competition at the The Network

6. Tic-Tac Tweezer

Pep rally activities include this one which shows a student trying to pick up a tic-tac with a pair of tweezers
Kaplan International Languages – Toronto/Tic Tac Tweezer Challenge via Facebook

This minute-to-win-it game will really challenge your students! The person with the most Tic-Tacs collected on the finished side wins.

7. Sweep the Potato

Pep rally activities include the one shown where students are sweeping a potato across a gym floor
Sabrina Boley/Sweep the Potato via Pinterest

Pep rally activities that use everyday objects in a silly way are undeniably fun. This game is more challenging than it seems! Students use brooms to sweep a potato to the other side of the gym.

8. Elephant March

Student wearing an elephant mask playing a game
Guide, Inc./Elephant March via guideinc.org

This game will get some great laughs from the kids. All you need are pantyhose, tennis balls, and water bottles. Knock over the line of water bottles in a minute or less!

Learn more: Elephant March at GUIDE, Inc.

9. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs isn’t just for little kids’ birthday parties, so why not give it a go at your next pep rally? We especially love the idea of playing with both staff and students.

Relay Race Games

Include some relay race games at your next pep rally for students to engage in a little friendly competition.

10. Relay Race Limbo

Student crouching under a pole playing a game
NOLA/Pep Rally via nola.com

A classic party game, limbo will surely be a hit at your next pep rally. Create teams of students and then have them compete in a relay race. The fastest teams win a prize of your choosing.

Learn more: Limbo at NOLA.com

11. Dizzy Bat Race

Girl playing a game
A Bouncy Bear/Dizzy Bat via Pinterest

This game involves students spinning around a baseball bat until they are dizzy and then racing their peers to the finish line.

12. Sack Race

Sack races are a classic for a reason since they are both fun and hilarious. Break into teams and see which team can get all their teammates down and back the fastest. But be careful not to wipe out!

13. Toilet Plunger Relay Race

Who knew toilet plungers could be so entertaining? Students use two plungers and a scooter to make it to the finish line in this relay-style game.

14. Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course relay race for students from each grade to participate in. The crowd will undoubtedly be cheering their friends on!

School Spirit Pep Rally Activities

Put some pep in your step with these creative school spirit activities.

15. Foam Noodles Entrance

Kids running under foam noodles shaped like an arch
ESF Camps & Experiences/Summer’s First Pep Rally via esfcamps.com

Introducing a sports team or just showing some school spirit? Have teachers hold up pool noodles so the students can run through the tunnel that is formed. Participants will feel encouraged as their classmates cheer them on!

Learn more: Foam Noodle Game at ESF Bethesda

16. Pie a Teacher Raffle

What could possibly be more fun for students than getting to throw a pie in your teacher’s face? This is certainly a great way to get the school to rally together!

17. Glow Party

Students in a black-lit room wearing neon clothing
Superlative Events/4 Ways To Make Your Pep Rally GLOW via superlativeevents.com

Set up a black light and tons of glow-in-the-dark items for a fun and glowy pep rally. You can even have students wear different-colored neon shirts to enhance the glow effect.

Learn more: 4 Ways To Make Your Pep Rally Glow at Superlative Events

18. Lip-Sync Battle

Kids dressed up in yellow shirts with balloons behind them
McCulloughGirlsCC/Lip Sync via Twitter

Pick a theme for the pep rally, such as “Circus,” and have different grades compete in a lip-sync battle. This creative idea allows students of all abilities to participate and feel included.

Learn more: Lip Sync at Twitter: Mccgirlscc

19. Themed Dance-Off

Students wearing themed clothing smiling at the camera
The Patriot Post/Theme Dance via bcchspatriotpost.com

Including a theme in your pep rally can make it that much more exciting for students. Assign decades to each grade and have students perform in a dance-off for an added element of fun.

Source: Grease Pep Rally at The Patriot Post

20. Holiday-Themed Rally

Having a pep rally during the fall? If so, why not make it a Halloween theme like the super-intricate one in the video.

21. Decorating Contest

School gym with decorations and balloons
Marco Ruiz/Home Sweet Homecoming via Pinterest

Each grade can decorate an area of the gym with a different theme for a creative competition. Once everything is decorated, vote on the best-decorated area at the pep rally.

22. Pajama Day

Students wearing pajamas
TAP Into Clark/Pep Rally via www.tapinto.net

Wearing PJs at school is undeniably fun for students! Encourage participation by handing out PJ-themed prizes to the best-dressed students.

Learn more: Students Gather To Cheer On Winter Athletes at Pep Rally at TAPintoClark

23. Acts of Service

Students painting the concrete in this example of pep rally activities
The Augusta Chronicle/BHS Pep Squad Promotes School Spirit via augustachronicle.com

Participating in a school-wide day of service before the pep rally can be an awesome way to raise school spirit while doing some good at the same time. Students can start a painting project, clean up around the school, or even help teachers clean out their classrooms.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle

24. School Mascot

School mascot posing with students
Charleston Day School/Clyde Mascot Pep Rally via charlestondayschool.org

We think nothing says school spirit more than a school mascot! Include your school’s character in the games and activities—students will love it!

Learn more: Clyde Mascot at Charleston Day School

25. Banner Competition for School Staff

Students holding up banner
Midlo Scoop/Midlo Enjoys First Spring Pep Rally in Years via midloscoop.com

This banner competition idea praises school staff such as cafeteria workers—how sweet! Students will love creating banners that show love to their favorite staff members.

Learn more: Midlo Enjoys First Spring Pep Rally in Years at Midlo Scoop

Team Games

Students can strengthen bonds with their peers and have a blast with these team games.

26. Hands and Feet Hopscotch

Print-outs of hands and feet on floor
Patana/Hands and Feet Coordination Game via patana.fireflycloud.asia

This awesome take on hopscotch is reminiscent of Twister. You can create your own board pieces and rearrange the tiles for a fun and engaging pep rally game.

Learn more: Hands and Feet Coordination Game at Continuing Student Learning ECA Blog

27. Team Sports Swap

Have the teams of various sports come onto the court or field and then have them swap sports with another team. For example, have the football players try cheerleading, the wrestling team try soccer, etc.

28. Hungry, Hungry Hippos

This game is so fun—it’s the life-size version of the popular game Hungry Hungry Hippos. See who can scoop up the most balls in their laundry basket while acting as a hippo!

29. Keep the Balloon Up

Simple but fun, students keep the balloon in the air without using their hands. Students work in teams to avoid dropping the balloon.

30. Hula-Hoop Pass

Students playing game in gymnasium
The Lance/Class of 2017 takes home the spirit stick via www.thelance.org

Pass the Hula-Hoop without breaking the chain of hands! This game is competitive but encourages teamwork.

Learn more: Class of 2017 Takes Home the Spirit Stick at The Lance

31. Four-Team Tug-of-War

A new take on the classic pep rally game, this tug-of-war game features four teams. After the timer goes off, whichever team is farthest from the middle wins. More players = more fun!

32. Seated Basketball Game

This game requires participants to play a version of basketball while sitting in chairs around the room. The “hoops” are two laundry baskets held by students. Watch as the chaos unfolds!

33. Human Foosball

All you need for this game is some PVC pipe and a ball. Participants act as the players in a game of foosball and try to score points for their team.

34. Human Knot

Students holding hands and getting themselves into a human knot.
GUIDE, Inc./Human Knot via guideinc.org

The Human Knot is traditionally an icebreaker game but would also work really well for some school bonding. Participants stand in a circle and reach out, grabbing others’ hands. The challenge is to untangle the knot without letting go of any hands.

Learn more: Human Knot at GUIDE, Inc.

35. Team Scavenger Hunt

Pep rally activities that get everyone involved while having the grades and faculty compete against each other are some of the best! Have a representative from each grade and faculty department come to the center of the gym or field, and then yell out something they have to go and find (example: a piece of homemade jewelry). The crowd will have fun being included because they just might be in possession of the treasured item!

Non-Physical Pep Rally Activities and Games

Make your pep rally as inclusive as possible with these non-physical games.

36. Blindfolded Connect 4

Students playing Connect 4 while being blindfolded in this example of pep rally activities
Aldergrove Star/Connect 4 via aldergrovestar.com

Students will love this new take on a childhood favorite. Have one student guide the blindfolded participants for the ultimate team-building activity.

Learn more: Connect 4 at Aldergrove Star

37. Poster Contest

Two girls are shown making posters with markers and posterboard in this example of pep rally activities.
YakobchukOlena/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

For a less physical activity, have students create posters to cheer on classmates or for general school spirit. Vote on the posters at the pep rally, and don’t forget the prizes!

38. Themed Bingo

students playing themed bingo in this example of pep rally activities.
The Advocate/Independence Leadership Academy provides Thanksgiving theme behavior reward via theadvocate.com

Bingo is such a crowd-pleaser, and you can create boards with fun themes such as school spirit or an upcoming holiday. Students will be engaged and excited to win prizes!

Learn more: Bingo at The Advocate

39. Paper Airplane Toss

Students playing with paper airplanes in gymnasium
Discover Moose Jaw/Flight Camp at Vanier Collegiate via discovermoosejaw.com

Have students create paper airplanes with their names on them and then try to toss them into trash cans in the center of the gym. Fun, inexpensive, and so easy!

Source: Flight Camp at Vanier Collegiate at Discover Moose Jaw

40. Shouting Contest

While not very physical, this one is definitely loud! Challenge each grade to yell at different times and then proclaim the loudest as the winner.

What are your favorite pep rally activities? Come exchange ideas in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook!

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Rally your students by including these 40 pep rally games and activities for all ages and abilities in your next pep rally!