These Free Take-One Posters Are the Perfect Classroom Pick-Me-Up

Why yes, I could use a smile today.

A few years ago, we created this set of free “take-one” posters for classrooms and schools. The original set included Free Positive Thoughts, Free Compliments, Free Kindness Messages, and Free Jokes. The idea is to post them on a bulletin board or in your hallway, and students can take what they need.

Take-One Posters Old

Well, over the years, we’ve seen so many of you using these posters that we decided to add four new designs to our take-one bundle! Now, when you sign up to get the posters, you’ll also receive Free Shakespearean Insults, Free Life Lessons, Free Fiction Writing Prompts, and Free Side Quests!

Fun! The bundle also includes black-and-white versions of all the designs, so students can color them in and add their own messages.

Ready to save and print these take-one posters for your school?

Yes, I Want My Posters!